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Rants and All That 
25th-Oct-2011 08:03 pm
Using LJ because I rarely use this and might be posting a huge block of texts.

And screw me for bringing up the past. I don't care anymore.

Before anything else, if anyone's getting affected at all (old and/or new fans). Please, all I ask is that you do not WEEB on the journal entry and read it with a mature mind because I honestly don't know who's mature or not anymore. And this post contains a LOT of personal opinions and whatnot; hence the requirement of maturity. AND I am covering up SPECIFIC things here so I may mention things.

Go ahead and agree or disagree. Just don't weeb or troll out on me. Because I dislike sarcasm and trolling in serious matters. Just get to the point if you want.

You know, friends, I sometimes think that I should distance myself from Tumblr now. Just to avoid ranting like this. Day after day after day after day after day, I hear new things about the utaite fandom, and no, they're not good news we look forward to hearing. It's always all about negativity, dislikes, debates, contradictions, and the like.

Okay, fine. I'mma rant about a few issues we have here. I will be contradicting some things here and there (even my own statements), yes, but this is the I-just-need-to-let-it-out posts.

1. Respect the Truth (Uttatemita Confessions issue)

There are two things that I'd like to point out. One is that the Uttatemita Confessions blog is about CONFESSIONS. It is a declaration of something: love, hate, resentment, etc. "A statement that is emphatic and explicit (spoken or written)" according to The Free Dictionary, and though we usually associate "empathy" with charity work or positivity, it is still "the power of understanding and imaginatively entering into another person's feelings". There was no statement of 'negativity' or 'positivity' there. Only "another person's feelings"; these feelings can be negative or positive. So naming something like a public blog as a 'confession' gives those who submit the right to express their own personal opinion about the subject matter.

NO, I am not yet done. As I've stated above, people have the right to post what they like, yes? That's when the term 'internet' comes in. We associate the internet with the World Wide Web, and with that, we look at the term. World wide. Meaning everyone around the world, even those who do not have the access to the net, IS ALLOWED to access everything that's inside the World Wide Web (minus the websites that block specific countries, that is).

From what I know, Tumblr is something like the above; it accepts everyone from the West to the East, South to the North. So the world can basically see what you're typing, and even though you're "SURE" that the ones who read your posts are from a specific place only, there's still a possibility that someone from the opposite side will be reading that, and his or her values may not exactly follow with yours and your friends.

tl;dr What I'm trying to say is that though we have the liability to express our thoughts, we ought to phrase it in a respectable way because there is such a thing called 'internet etiquette'; this is something should already know.

... So this probably defends both sides: the pros and the cons. Geh.

2. Omerta (Secrecy issue)

I don't want to sound like a tyrannic dweeb here or anything but I think this is sort of a warning to the newbies and probably everyone. It's alright to share some posts on sites where utaites may be able to see what you're posting. One thing that's not nice is that when it's about to cause some trouble to the fans who innocently want to promote utaites in their own special way. We all know what recently happened in the community and I don't want to mention it anymore, but see here, this caused a lot of unnecessary dramu to some people involved. As I've said, let me just say that those who are new in the fandom should be careful.

Also, old ones should tell the new ones about this. It's like training a cadet training his or her junior and kids and mothers. Kids look up to their mothers and without mother nurturing the children, the kids would just go AWOL.

3. Music Fans and Face Fans (the utaite's "looks" issue)

YES, I am covering everything I want to cover in one whole journal so screw me. Even the fucking old ones. Anyway, I've seen several rants or issues about this.

I don't mind if people like the utaites because of their looks. I mean, fine, call me shallow for saying that but probably 2/5 of the populace have that preference over personality or talent. The other 2/5 preferring talent over looks (the rest [1/5] selecting both). So, yeah. Go ahead and fangirl over how BEAUTIFUL *[1]Mi-chan's face is or how fucking PERFECT *[2]Shamuon's hair is. Just don't call your fandom 'utaite' or 'uttatemita' or the like. Call it... Japanese-for-good-looking-men-who-sing.

No. Scratch that. Japanese-for-good-looking-men-period

As for my choice (whether I like the utaites for their voices or looks) I have to say though that I like both (80% - voice 20% - looks). I tend to loop utaites whose voices match with my preference; when this certain preferential utaite is good-looking, then he gets another star from me! Like, Clear for example. No, he's not good-looking (nor is he ugly) but his voice makes up for that and I personally find him amazing.
[1] - I have nothing against Mi-chan. NOPE. Not even his face. I like the guy jesus h.
[2] - same goes for Shamuon. GEE, I like the two okay. Just using two popular utaites as examples.

4. Over The Bridge (troll/too-much-fangirling issue)

What scare me the most are trolls. No, not Homestuck's trolls. I love those trolls. The real-life trolls. 

And fangirls.

As scary as it sounds, people hate people. Yes, hate is a scary word. I've seen fangirls "lecture" people who merely want to say at least a NEUTRAL opinion over a certain utaite and YELL at those who merely says that they 'dislike' a certain person because of certain traits. The latter has JUSTIFIED his or her reasons for this. So trolling on people like THAT shouldn't be done. Jesus.

Some fangirls say that they should leave things alone when they don't like it. I'd like to say the same thing to you, Miss Fangirl whoever you are reading this. You obviously don't like what you're reading; that's why you said that people should just leave if they don't like it. Take your own advice and just go and leave the rest to the mods. Because not a lot may agree with what you just said and they may go ahead and troll you. So I suggest you do that via PM and not in public. 

So, why am I doing this? Because I am fed up with negativity, and they say it's always better to let things out. That's probably all. I won't get into the utaite-anons because the public doesn't have to know every single detail of my rant about this one, heh. Decent, respectful thoughts are welcome. Trolls, get out before I troll you.
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