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Rabbit Judge : Thoughts & Discussions 
28th-Apr-2011 05:19 pm
And so far, I shall copy-paste my reply to my Rabbit Doubt buddy here on tumblr. /DIES This is me talking and SPAZZING about different things of the manga.

My Obvious Favorite Character Now

OH MY GOD. CHAPTER 11 I NEEEED IT I wanna see if Shinomiya dies ;; A ;; I don't want him to die oh my god. I swear I have this thing for bad boys and if he died like Eiji, I'm swear I'm gonna FRAAAGE and rant and feel all depressed [becuase I have that thing wtih 2D guys okay lol I'm young leave me be /dies xD] UGH I swear I hope he ends up like, being innocent and just plain bipolar or has this anger management issues. I don't care if he lives being regretful for all his life and emo and so depressed JUST AS LONG AS THEY MAKE HIM LIVE oh my God. Or at least make him the last or 2nd to the last victim. Ugh, I'm gonna do everything and psychologically make myself think that this guy is innocent and not what peopel think about him. Most of the angry guys like him are like that in mangas [I may be wrong I swear].

The Executioner

Me, I think the killer is none of them [though, of course, there is a high probability that that thought would change as the manga progresses] and the Hint: "The Executioner is Here" may be telling them that they are watching them from a different room from the building and may just be confusing them. Lol, yeah just thinking. I don't really wanna blame any one of them, seriously. But chances are that the Lion guy's a suspect since he was the one who did give that message about the Executioner. Though it's may probably not be him as well because he did say his motive and he said he needed to continue living to take everything from his father [not unless the father is probably one of the masterminds and he plans on prooving that he could be one, too? I... somewhat doubt that :'D]

I SERIOUSLY THINK again that the last two/three [three including the main killer, Rei] survivors in Doubt somehow have a connection with the killing since apparently, Yuu and Mitsuki were left alive if I'm correct [despite the last scene of showing Mitsuki holding that knife; correct me if I'm wrong since I didn't re-read Doubt when I read Judge. I'm about to re-read it, though]. Or maybe they're both dead? Meh, it's been a while.

Character Similarities

Yuu = Hiro
Mitsuki = Rina
Rei = Sanada [she's the closest, at least, and this doesn't mean she will be the one I would be suspecting if ever the Executioner IS one of them]
Eiji = Shinomiya [TOTES OBVIOUS, MAN]
Haruka = Asami
Hajime = Hayato

Lol yeah I sorta expected them having ALMOST the same traits [both appearance wise and psycological thinking] as the first victims. Not that it has a connection with the first story despite it being a Sequel or anything.

... Thoughts? Opinions? Other thins you'd like to discuss and/or point out? :>R
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