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NND Family Chorus Step 1 (02/23/2011) 
24th-Feb-2011 08:49 pm
Step 1: Decide Who’s In

A lot of people in the family (at least, the active ones), liked, reblogged and replied on that blog about making a chorus so it means that we shall go to the actual step one!

If you are interested in the chorus, fill up the questionnaire via reply, my ask box, or reblog, if you want and add this before the questionare: “ROO, I WANT IN.”! :> NOTE: Only the people in the NND Tumblr Family can join. ; u ; Sorry, this is a group project. If anyone outside the family is interested, maybe I can open one next time.

1. What should we call you?
2. What type of voice do you have? (is it high, deep, rough, etc. describe your voice to me if you can)
3. Can you send me a sample? (*not really required but it would be nice if you can provide me a sample of your voice)
4. Do you have any Vocaloid song suggestions other than the one on the list? (Check out the list below. If you don’t have a suggestion, vote for at least /two/ of the songs from the list)
5. Will you be drawing your own picture if ever a picture is needed?
6. Anything else you’d like to tell me?

THE LIST OF SONGS (suggestions are still open -READ THE QUESTIONNAIRE-)
Lol, kindly browse through YouTube if you don’t know the song. :’D

* Marionette Syndrome - Hatsune Miku
* SPICE! - Kagamine Len
* Pinky Promise - Hatsune Miku
* -ELIS- - Megurine Luka (I’m still trying to find an off vocal for this, though)
* Matryoshka - Hatsune Miku and GUMI (just for the sake of crack xD)
* Panda Hero - GUMI (like Matryohska)
* SMILING - halyosy that is (am I right? he’s the one who started this, right?)

Don’t worry about the video. I’ve got Vegas with me so the video shouldn’t be your problem. So… I’M RUSHING RIGHT NOW I’m SORRY SEE YA GUYS.
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