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Please pray for the Philippines 
1st-Oct-2009 06:09 pm
I've just heard from CNN (and a text message) that the incoming storm is considered as a Category 5 Super Typhoon. I know nothing about Typhoons and stuff but it sounds BAD. Expected landfall is late Friday or early Saturday. Path taken is through Northern Luzon.

Like what the text message said here, "We can only pray and prepare as it is the strongest storm category. Please warn your loved ones in that area while still early. Let's also hope and pray it takes a different course. Please spread the word. God bless the Philippines."

And take a look at the wind speeds:

Ondoy : 85 kph
Milenyo : 130 kph
Pepeng : 175 kph

Do pray to God that the Philippines won't have a hard time recovering after the storm passes through.

Personally, I don't think our house would be affected since it's, like... HIGH. But you can never tell what the storm's plan is. Please pray for us here. Thank you, really, if you're reading this.

Good luck to us. To those who can donate (be from the Philippines or from another country), do donate to those who've lost their homes.
1st-Dec-2009 04:54 am (UTC)

DECEMBER NA, la na yang mga bagyo na yan, next year na ulit! *shot*

2nd-Dec-2009 06:29 am (UTC)
ONGA! Thank the lord! ;w; It's December~ *dances under the imaginary snow* Damn you Philippines for being so HOT. :I
30th-Dec-2009 01:46 pm (UTC)

ANYWAYS, almost January na at by August-September-ish back to bagyo nanaman, hay buhay. :U
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