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25th-Oct-2011 08:03 pm - Rants and All That
Using LJ because I rarely use this and might be posting a huge block of texts.

And screw me for bringing up the past. I don't care anymore.

Before anything else, if anyone's getting affected at all (old and/or new fans). Please, all I ask is that you do not WEEB on the journal entry and read it with a mature mind because I honestly don't know who's mature or not anymore. And this post contains a LOT of personal opinions and whatnot; hence the requirement of maturity. AND I am covering up SPECIFIC things here so I may mention things.

Go ahead and agree or disagree. Just don't weeb or troll out on me. Because I dislike sarcasm and trolling in serious matters. Just get to the point if you want.

You know, friends, I sometimes think that I should distance myself from Tumblr now. Just to avoid ranting like this. Day after day after day after day after day, I hear new things about the utaite fandom, and no, they're not good news we look forward to hearing. It's always all about negativity, dislikes, debates, contradictions, and the like.

Okay, fine. I'mma rant about a few issues we have here. I will be contradicting some things here and there (even my own statements), yes, but this is the I-just-need-to-let-it-out posts.

1. Respect the Truth (Uttatemita Confessions issue)

Uttatemita Confessions issueCollapse )

2. Omerta (Secrecy issue)

Secrecy issueCollapse )

3. Music Fans and Face Fans (the utaite's "looks" issue)

the utaite's "looks" issueCollapse )
[1] - I have nothing against Mi-chan. NOPE. Not even his face. I like the guy jesus h.
[2] - same goes for Shamuon. GEE, I like the two okay. Just using two popular utaites as examples.

4. Over The Bridge (troll/too-much-fangirling issue)

troll/too-much-fangirling issueCollapse )

So, why am I doing this? Because I am fed up with negativity, and they say it's always better to let things out. That's probably all. I won't get into the utaite-anons because the public doesn't have to know every single detail of my rant about this one, heh. Decent, respectful thoughts are welcome. Trolls, get out before I troll you.
28th-Apr-2011 05:19 pm - Rabbit Judge : Thoughts & Discussions
And so far, I shall copy-paste my reply to my Rabbit Doubt buddy here on tumblr. /DIES This is me talking and SPAZZING about different things of the manga.

My Obvious Favorite Character Now

OH MY GOD. CHAPTER 11 I NEEEED IT I wanna see if Shinomiya dies ;; A ;; I don't want him to die oh my god. I swear I have this thing for bad boys and if he died like Eiji, I'm swear I'm gonna FRAAAGE and rant and feel all depressed [becuase I have that thing wtih 2D guys okay lol I'm young leave me be /dies xD] UGH I swear I hope he ends up like, being innocent and just plain bipolar or has this anger management issues. I don't care if he lives being regretful for all his life and emo and so depressed JUST AS LONG AS THEY MAKE HIM LIVE oh my God. Or at least make him the last or 2nd to the last victim. Ugh, I'm gonna do everything and psychologically make myself think that this guy is innocent and not what peopel think about him. Most of the angry guys like him are like that in mangas [I may be wrong I swear].

The Executioner

Me, I think the killer is none of them [though, of course, there is a high probability that that thought would change as the manga progresses] and the Hint: "The Executioner is Here" may be telling them that they are watching them from a different room from the building and may just be confusing them. Lol, yeah just thinking. I don't really wanna blame any one of them, seriously. But chances are that the Lion guy's a suspect since he was the one who did give that message about the Executioner. Though it's may probably not be him as well because he did say his motive and he said he needed to continue living to take everything from his father [not unless the father is probably one of the masterminds and he plans on prooving that he could be one, too? I... somewhat doubt that :'D]

I SERIOUSLY THINK again that the last two/three [three including the main killer, Rei] survivors in Doubt somehow have a connection with the killing since apparently, Yuu and Mitsuki were left alive if I'm correct [despite the last scene of showing Mitsuki holding that knife; correct me if I'm wrong since I didn't re-read Doubt when I read Judge. I'm about to re-read it, though]. Or maybe they're both dead? Meh, it's been a while.

Character Similarities

Yuu = Hiro
Mitsuki = Rina
Rei = Sanada [she's the closest, at least, and this doesn't mean she will be the one I would be suspecting if ever the Executioner IS one of them]
Eiji = Shinomiya [TOTES OBVIOUS, MAN]
Haruka = Asami
Hajime = Hayato

Lol yeah I sorta expected them having ALMOST the same traits [both appearance wise and psycological thinking] as the first victims. Not that it has a connection with the first story despite it being a Sequel or anything.

... Thoughts? Opinions? Other thins you'd like to discuss and/or point out? :>R
28th-Mar-2011 04:33 pm - SMILING lyrics
For the NND Family SMILING dub: THERE ARE NO LYRICS ASSIGNMENT YET. I'm still fixing that.


[that] Smiling together
[clear] Will be together
[Mitani] konna gojisei dakarakoso waratte mirai e to arukou
Smiling together

[yonji] ichibyou kotoni sekai no dokoka de
hito ga shini yuki hito ga umare yuku
[Valshe] ichirin bana ga kareru yori mo hayaku
hito ga kawaite hito wo motometeru

[clear] katachi aru mono hodo ni kantan ni moroku kowareteku kara
[Shirofuku-perfumen] Oh... How to love?
[Megane-perfumen] mada wakaranai...
[Kamen2-perfumen] nara konna no wa dou?
[perfumen] ima sugu dare ni datte dekiru yo

[yonji] Smiling together
[Valshe] Will be together
[Puriko] konna gojisei dakarakoso waratte mirai e to arukou

[perfumen] Smiling together
[Mitani] Will be together
[hiradon] donna arasoi datte kotoba janaku kokoro de kanjitara
Smiling together

[ill.bell –first person-] miyou ni yoccha kireigoto kai?
nara muri ni nattoku shinakute ii se kenkai no sai
Nobody needs to be the same ori tobidase
Let's open our gate
no time to HATE!!
[ill.bell –second person-] miwatasu sekai ni sakasu se tairin
ANTI mo hikkurumete wakasu seidai ni
I've never seen a SMILING face which ain't beautiful
koko de baka yatterya hi mo kureru SUNSET

[Kurimuzon] ichibanboshi ni inotteru dake ja
hito wa susumezu hito wa modorenai no

[Hongkong] sora kara nagametara
kokkyou nado nai hitotsu no wakusei dakara
[that] Oh... Stop the war now
[halyosy] dou surya ii no...
[Tolie] nara konna no wa dou?
[halyosy & Tolie & that] ima sugu dare ni datte dekiru yo

[Kurimuzon] Smiling together
[ill.bell] Will be together
[Dasoku] minna waraeba kado ni fuku kitaru sasayaka na ima wo

[halyosy] Smiling together
[that] Will be together
[Mitani Nana] sonna kanashii kao wa niawanai yo isshoni utaou
Smiling together

[Nitto Megane] chotto machinsai
[che:sakurai] toke ochi koori wa bunmei no daishou
[Nitto Megane] It's what's inside
[che:sakurai] kiba mukidashita tenbenchii
[Nitto Megane] Respectable MOTTAINAI
[Hitori] ECO to EGO no kamihitoe Propaganda
[Nitto Megane] kizuku no wa hoka demonai
[Hitori] jibun de mikiwame nakya

[Valshe] mimi wo sumase nakutemo
[Tolie] minna kizuiteru desho
[yonji] misekake heiwa no naka
[that] atsui itai yo no koe
[Mitani Nana] kuni mo iro mo chi mo koe
[Ritsuka] hitotsu ni naru to shitara
[Puriko] kitto sore wa kono basho

[All] Nico Nico Douga

[All] Smiling together Will be together
Smiling together Will be together

[that] Smiling together
[halyosy] Will be together
[Ten] konna gojisei dakarakoso waratte mirai e to arukou

[Dasoku] Smiling together
[clear] Will be together
[Ritsuka] donna arasoi datte kotoba janaku kokoro de kanjitara
Smiling together

[Rappubito] Smiling patto mi hitorigoto ga nakareteru you de
BEATO ni kodou ga awase (ru world) aisatsu What's up! Yeah!
genki ga nai nara isshoni miyou ka
saa, rainen no saki bokura ga owasetakunai warai
this is sunrise hoka ni konna basho nai desho?

[Hitori] Smiling together
[che:sakurai] Will be together
[Sekihan] minna waraeba kado ni fuku kitaru sasayaka na ima wo

[Ritsuka] Smiling together
[Mitani Nana] Will be together
[Pico] sonna kanashii kao wa niawanai yo isshoni utaou

[All] SMILING TOGETHER. We'll be together.
Step 2: Song Decision


Okay, so people have voted and suggested some decent songs for the chorus. As you might already know (from my tumblr), I've decided to put up TWO choruses. One is SMILING and another one is this one. We'll be deciding on the song for this one. AND WE'LL BE DOING THIS ONE FIRST BEFORE SMILING since SMILING is a special chorus~ o3o

So the most votes we've had is:

[votes] Song - Vocaloid singer

* [|||||] SPICE! - Kagamine Len
* [|] Matryoshka - Hatsune Miku and GUMI
* Panda Hero - GUMI

Here are the last suggestions that sounds okay for the chorus:
* Just Be Friends - Megurine Luka (piano version)
[|] * Mozaik Roll - GUMI

SONG LIMITATIONS gods. Okay, so please decide a song from the above. It's like this. Before declaring the song official, I'll make another journal saying that this is the song that we would be singing and ask if there's anyone in the group that would be having a hard time singing the song. Then, we'll make some adjustments. GEH just leave it to me.

So. PEACE OUT. \o/
Step 1 1/2 : Listing of Current Members

By the way; I'm just makign these steps up. It's just for the sake of uniformity and... nevermind.

So far, these are the guys that replied/reblogged with answers for the questionare:

ルーたん (Roo-tan)
カイリー ♫ (Kairi♫)
ALing (A.L.)
りのあ (Rinoa)

* - please give me a name I could use for the chorus. Unless you'll stick with your usernames. o3o

These are the guys from the NND family that liked the post:


So, to those who liked the post, if you can read this, will you be joining to group, too? ; u ;

As for the songs, these are the ones people 'suggested' and voted:

* SPICE! - Kagamine Len (SEXY PURPOSES)
* Matryoshka - Hatsune Miku and GUMI (just for the sake of crack xD)
* Panda Hero - GUMI (like Matryohska)
* Magnet - Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka (though it would be nice if duets were made THEN a chorus, y'know? :'D)
* Alice Human Sacrifice - Meiko, Kaito, Miku, Kagamine twins (this would be cool, too o3o although I will need EVERYONE'S voices for this one)
* Dear - Hatsune Miku (this is alright with me, too C:)
* Just Be Friends - Megurine Luka (a litte note about this one: Uhm, it songs is quite fast and a bit high. Now, I haven't heard everyone's voices yet and though this must be one of the most well-known songs around here, I'm still not confident that this would produce a good chorus. I would be less nervous if I've heard your voices and everything)
* Tengaku - Kagamine Rin (same with the JBF case. Only, this song is HIGH. Not as high as Meltdown and other high songs but it might be quite... high for some of the people and I wouldn't want us to sound like wailing cats. D:)

VOTING TIME! Please vote from these songs. ; u ; We're definitely doing SMILING, yes. Leave the lyrics assigning job to me. But Kairi-chii suggested that we should two choruses just for fun so... Pick one song that you'd like to use for the whole chorus. PLEASE REPLY, THOSE MENTIONED ABOVE.

So guys. If you can, please follow my LJ for further updates. I DON'T KNOW HOW FOLLOWING WORKS OR ADDING FRIENDS ETC for it has been... at least 1-2 years since I've used LJ. Noob here, plz. And lol it's full of Shiraishi, I know. I'm about to change it to Utaites don't worry.

Thank you! \o/
24th-Feb-2011 08:49 pm - NND Family Chorus Step 1 (02/23/2011)
Step 1: Decide Who’s In

A lot of people in the family (at least, the active ones), liked, reblogged and replied on that blog about making a chorus so it means that we shall go to the actual step one!

If you are interested in the chorus, fill up the questionnaire via reply, my ask box, or reblog, if you want and add this before the questionare: “ROO, I WANT IN.”! :> NOTE: Only the people in the NND Tumblr Family can join. ; u ; Sorry, this is a group project. If anyone outside the family is interested, maybe I can open one next time.

1. What should we call you?
2. What type of voice do you have? (is it high, deep, rough, etc. describe your voice to me if you can)
3. Can you send me a sample? (*not really required but it would be nice if you can provide me a sample of your voice)
4. Do you have any Vocaloid song suggestions other than the one on the list? (Check out the list below. If you don’t have a suggestion, vote for at least /two/ of the songs from the list)
5. Will you be drawing your own picture if ever a picture is needed?
6. Anything else you’d like to tell me?

THE LIST OF SONGS (suggestions are still open -READ THE QUESTIONNAIRE-)
Lol, kindly browse through YouTube if you don’t know the song. :’D

* Marionette Syndrome - Hatsune Miku
* SPICE! - Kagamine Len
* Pinky Promise - Hatsune Miku
* -ELIS- - Megurine Luka (I’m still trying to find an off vocal for this, though)
* Matryoshka - Hatsune Miku and GUMI (just for the sake of crack xD)
* Panda Hero - GUMI (like Matryohska)
* SMILING - halyosy that is (am I right? he’s the one who started this, right?)

Don’t worry about the video. I’ve got Vegas with me so the video shouldn’t be your problem. So… I’M RUSHING RIGHT NOW I’m SORRY SEE YA GUYS.
24th-Feb-2011 08:47 pm - NND Family Chorus Blogs
Oh, wow. It has been a WHILE since I've last updated my LJ. @A@ Once I have time, I shall move around LJ and join things and be active. ; u ; But first, I will have to post important things. JA NE ♥
1st-Oct-2009 06:09 pm - Please pray for the Philippines
I've just heard from CNN (and a text message) that the incoming storm is considered as a Category 5 Super Typhoon. I know nothing about Typhoons and stuff but it sounds BAD. Expected landfall is late Friday or early Saturday. Path taken is through Northern Luzon.

Like what the text message said here, "We can only pray and prepare as it is the strongest storm category. Please warn your loved ones in that area while still early. Let's also hope and pray it takes a different course. Please spread the word. God bless the Philippines."

And take a look at the wind speeds:

Ondoy : 85 kph
Milenyo : 130 kph
Pepeng : 175 kph

Do pray to God that the Philippines won't have a hard time recovering after the storm passes through.

Personally, I don't think our house would be affected since it's, like... HIGH. But you can never tell what the storm's plan is. Please pray for us here. Thank you, really, if you're reading this.

Good luck to us. To those who can donate (be from the Philippines or from another country), do donate to those who've lost their homes.
21st-May-2008 05:07 pm(no subject)

*NOTE: In order to download the song, click on the title of the song.

"Mirror Ball" (typeset as MIRROR BALL) is a single by Alice Nine, released on March 26, 2008. Its title track is the theme song of the live-action adaption of collectible card game and animeAquarian Age (specifically, one of the stories, Juvenile Orion), in which the band will also appear. The single will be released in a regular and two limited editions, each of the latter containing an a second B-side and an additional DVD with a single music video (of the songs "Mirror Ball" and "Eraser -Memoire d'une Fleur-" respectively).[1] The song Eraser -Memoire d'une Fleur- is a remade version of the song Eraser (イレイザー) from the bands Alpha album.

The single reached #6 on the Oricon weekly rankings, selling 13,801 copies in its first week. 

2. "Kiseki"
3. "Eraser -Memoire d'une Fleur-"

Information source: Wikipedia
Song download source: Didn't download it in a website. :P

10th-May-2008 05:42 pm - Hello

This is a character from FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII. His name is rumored to be "Storm" and other people also call him "Prince". His name is not yet released by Square Enix


Hiii!!! I'm kinda new here in LJ (NOT). Well, it's the first time I'm actually putting stuff here so I hope I can make friends! >< And those who has deviant art accounts, lets be friends! ^^

 I'm really bored and I am addicted to the guy above. If you wanna request a drawing or something, just tell me. And please specify the clothes of that persom whom you want me to draw 


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